Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where does your fish come from?
    A: Our seafood comes directly from responsible and sustainable fisheries, cutting out the middlemen of wholesalers and retailers that add dollars to the price and time from the sea to your table. ensures the fastest, freshest delivery of seafood to-your-door, days if not weeks ahead of purchasing fish through your local grocer or supermarket.
  • What are your sustainability practices? Is your fish safe?
    A: Our fish is supplied by some of the pre-eminent fisheries around the world. The same places that supply high-end restaurants and markets. Our state of the art refrigeration facility strictly adheres to the USDA guidelines and HACCP standards.
  • How is your fish a better value than my local grocer?
    A: Our fish is many days fresher than your local grocer, for a lower cost, providing you with the best value for your dollar.
  • Why does your product availability change daily?
    A: In order to provide you with the freshest fish available, our inventory is subject to market availability and demand. Because we do have such close relationships with our fisheries, we have first pick of the merchandise and can provide a wider selection than most local grocers.
  • Why should I choose
    A: is committed to providing the utmost of quality and value for all of your fresh seafood needs. Our goal is to provide you with healthy, convenient and the best-tasting, freshest fish available on the market, all the while saving you the trip to the market.
  • What is the minimum order? 
     The minimum order total is $35, not including tax and the delivery fee.

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