Fresher, Healthier, Easier !

  • Our freshness is unrivaled.
    Our seafood is unmatched in freshness because our fish comes directly from local fisheries.
  • What this means for you 
    You now have direct access to the freshest fish available on the market. Our fish is many days, if not weeks, fresher than the fish you would find at your local grocer. We take the middle-man out of the equation and give you the rare access once reserved only for wholesaler­s--providing you with the utmost quality and value.
  • The healthiest choice
    Freshness is indicative of quality. Quality translates into better tasting fish with more healthful benefits. Consuming fish gives you high content of Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. The sooner the fish goes from the ocean to your plate, the more nutrients you ingest.

  • Simplicity
    Why waste valuable time shopping at your local fish counter for a product that is of lower grade and less fresh? We bring the freshest fish with the best quality and value direct to your door -- all with the ease of a weekly cycle of online ordering. Just place your order by 8 AM (Pacific Time) and you will receive your fish the next day before 6 PM **
  • What this means for you
    No waiting in lines. Avoid sitting in traffic just to get to the grocery store. In addition to the convenience, because our products are fresher than the competition, you can decide the best time to prepare your fresh fish without the worry of impending "sell-by" deadlines.Use that convenience and time to either prepare your fish at its peak of freshness, or at your leisure, knowing you’ve ordered the freshest fish available on the market.
  • Selection
    We have direct relationships with local fisheries which means our selection of fresh seafood is much more expansive than what you may find at your local grocer. We have the access that puts even your rare culinary needs within reach. (Variety changes on a daily basis so check back often to see what new selections we have, so that you may append your order.)

             ** exluding Sunday.

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